Established in 1986, Kumbaz is a modern garment design house that combines traditional authenticity with modern elegance. Kumbaz is run by Fatina Asfour in Amman, Jordan.

Researching old costumes, stitches and colors to reproduce new styles, Kumbaz designs capture a glimpse of history whilst keeping up with the modern look of today.

Kumbaz preserves traditional heritage by using silks and hand woven materials, antique gold threads on intricately hand embroidered items, and the most exclusive fabrics to compliment the silhouette of the modern woman. Accessories accompanying any garment are hand made, personalized and prepared to complete the outfit.

The vision of a Kumbaz dress is one that presents an elegant and stylish woman with a subtle feminine touch, while radiating the grand sophistication of the orient.

Clientele span royalty and every day women, brides and businesswomen, with each dress uniquely and individually tailored. The quality that makes each dress unique is exemplified by the time and dedication spent on each creation.